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Something Spacial

A Silverlight User Group Website Starter Kit

Project Description
Something Spacial is a Silverlight Website Framework written in Silverlight 3, which has as its goal to make it very easy to build a User Group website using this project as starting point.

It is targeted mainly to cover the needs of a User Group website, but it can easily be adapted to suit other purposes.

Functionality for Initial Release

At this time, Something Spacial is not yet released - but its intended release functionality is as follows:
  • Design set with Something Spacial signature cloud theme
  • Live twitter feed with recent updates scroller
  • Carousel content panes for all content types
  • Basic content management system - built in-house
  • Built in support for event management including:
    • Content section for Details on upcoming event inluding custom title field.
    • RSVP for users to register themselves to event
    • Support for media types such as video, audio, and image (shadow box link from page)
    • Current display of event and archive of previous events (archive pops out in shadow box)
    • Time, date, and location fields for easy display of basic information for each event plus a link and map to view location on Bing Maps+
  • Content panels allow support to aggregate and display RSS feed data (useful for integration with any alternative Content Management System)
  • Ability to display Twitter feed in main panel, if desired.
  • News and/or Blog integration into chosen content panel

More information will be released in the near future with a Beta release of this web application tool.


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